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Discussion on: Redux is half of a pattern (1/2)

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David K. 🎹 Author

I wholly disagree that using derived state is less reasonable than state machines.

But it is! The proof is that derived state can determine "what state are we in", and finite state machines can also determine "now that we're in this state, what can happen next?" That part is valuable information, and very hard to determine without some sort of abstract model.

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Indeed you're correct; though to reiterate what I said in the last reply, both are restrictions we can apply onto state which are likely to make it more reasonable. I don't think they're anything like mutually exclusive.

I had meant for derived state to be little more of an example of a different pattern which you could measure Redux and/or state machines against. My point was intended to be that these types of comparisons depend on the reference points of those comparisons; Redux is 100% of one pattern and 50% of another, and 0-99% of yet more patterns.