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Discussion on: Laravel Or Ruby on Rails 2021?

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David Kröll

I've never developed with Laravel in a professional environment, but I have done some school projects (in 2019), and it felt very amazing. It does mostly everything for you. A simple CRUD application is built real quick and it is broadly adapted. It is in fact really popular, but I personally do not like PHP/Laravel anymore. Nevertheless it fits perfecty whenyou want to built server-rendered applications (no JavaScript).

If you use a frontend framework like React or Vue, Laravel would of course also fit but then you have two different tech stacks.

For me personally, I'd either go for JavaScript in front- and backend or switch to C# if the backend gets more complicated.

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Farhad Uneci Author

Yes, that's exactly what I want to know, Laravel is packed with features, Does Ruby on Rails too? will a same web site get easier and more fun to build with Ruby?