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re: Ugh, got it :-) But that actually depends: many CSS properties are inherited from the host node into the shadow DOM, if not overwritten in the sha...

Well, that is interesting. I just tried this on one of my apps by setting font-style to italics, and it affected some stuff inside my elements. I wonder how I missed that...I wonder if it was like that in v0 shadow-dom.
Yeah, afaik css custom properties have been the recommended way of changing style inside shadow-dom - I wonder if that performs better...and there's upcoming features more applicable to theming, right? (I've been out of the loop for a little while).

Yes, shadow parts.
But that looks like it will take some time. There was another proposal for theming, @apply I think, but it turned out, that that doesn't really fly. Hence the delay. Shadow parts seems pretty clever and comprehensive, though. Let's hope :)

Right, I use @apply quite a lot since it's part of Polymer - v1 at least. It works as far as it goes, but I'm not sure it completely satisfies the theming use-case - well, not on its own anyway. Vaadin have a theming system which sounded quite clean - they did a presentation on that prior to the last Polymer summit - and I think there was a presentation on an alternative in the summit itself, iirc (perhaps it was the shadow parts thing, I forget).
We'll see :)

IIRC correctly Vaadin basically went ahead and support shadow parts for their components, but I'm not sure, quite some time, since I looked at it. The problem with apply is, that it gives the consumer no way to discern styles for stuff like :hover or parent classes. The comment developer has to invest a lot of thought and development to allow for such use cases.

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