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Discussion on: Why Sofware Developers should create online courses as a side hustle?

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David MM๐Ÿ

Yeah, and I agree with that. But if someone starts doing Udemy courses, how much do you get per course? Because I assume no one is going to pay other than the 10$/โ‚ฌ price. And you have to produce a top-notch course.

I'm looking at the Udemy's Instructor Revenue Share and you get 97% of your sale if the student uses your code, but just 50% of the sale if it is purchased through their sale.

To the one with tens of thousands yes, it is worth. But what about the smaller ones?

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javinpaul Author

hello @david you are right but Udemy's strength is their marketing, you will sell more there than any other platform. Though, I don't suggest anyone with a longer-term view to solely depend on that. It's always better to create your own online course website using Teachable or Thinkific, you will not only earn more in the long term but also retain your students, which will be your real asset. The best is to start with your own school and leverage Udemy's power to create your brand by putting one of your courses there.