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Discussion on: Why not Java

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david-sackstein Author • Edited

Hi Vinicius Rocha,
You raise good points. I think that Java created a revolution in the 90's and introduced many important ideas that we still benefit from today. And indeed, I think Microsoft leveraged that knowledge to build an even better system.
In fact, the only difference of opinion we have is what the considerations for choosing Java over .Net for new projects might be.
You say that it is a fair decision if you know what you are doing. Unfortunately I think that this is not enough, because you need to know too much to make your development as smooth as with .Net.
I would say that it is a fair decision to choose Java over .Net for a new project if you know what you are losing :)

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Vinicius Rocha

"if you know what you are losing" I like that! :)