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Discussion on: I am going to release my first app to google play soon, what should I expect

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Davmi Jose Valdez Ogando • Edited on

Not the amount of downloads you'd think you'll get regardless if it's a positive number or a negative number.

Also if your app don't crash as much and the looks aren't bad either you are probably gonna get a lot of 5*, some 4* from someone expecting your app to do something else.

The amount of downloads are probably gonna be super close to the amount of uninstalls.

Unless you are getting some advertisement it's gonna be hard to reach your desire target at full extension.

Crashes, even if you tested every single aspect. If your app is not a hello world there's going to be some crashes so please use either App Center or Firebase to keep track of the crashes (and try to use the other cool features too).

That's about it as far as i remember from mine. Cheers and good luck.

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Fulton Browne Author

Thanks, this is really helpful