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React Hooks | My Package


Hi everyone!
GitHub of the Project

I have been using React for about 7 months already. And by this, I have created a lot of Hooks and other stuff to made my life easy. So by this, I have created a suit of react hooks to help me. In which, I have been using in whatever 'react-project' I made.

  • useAsync : Handle with Async Functions
  • useBoolean : Better way with a good semantic to handle with Boolean states
  • useClient : Useful for server-side apps, in which you can check up it is under Server-Side or Client-Side
  • useDebounce : For functions that the user can call any time
  • useFetch : A complete tool to handle with requests from API.
  • useIndex : With this you can handle with 'Pagination' or whatever use the concept of 'Page Index', 'Per Page'
  • useKeyboard : Identify the key pressed
  • useLocalStorage : Save values it and get the values on LocalStorage
  • useMiddleMouse : Identify if the user is using the MiddleMouse (scrolling)
  • useMouseOut : Identify if the mouse cursor is out of the range of the element
  • useMouseIn : Identify if the mosue cursor is inside of the range of the element
  • useObject : Better way to handle with Object values
  • useScreenSize : Identify the size of the Window and the orientation of the screen.
  • useScroll : Identify the state of the scroll of the page
  • useToggle : Useful to handle with Toggle elements like 'Tabs' and so on.

I'm currently building up the Docs for this package and editing to give you guys a better example. So, I'll be really happy if you guys give me a feedback xD

Example: (Next.js + React + Fastify)

It's a simple example of search repository on Github.
To check up, clone the folder 'example' on the repository of this Project. And run up:

npm install && npm run build && npm run start
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gusyavo profile image

This is very useful, thank you! Could you give an exmple on how to implement the useDebounce hook?

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Michael Willian Santos

Sure thing, dude:
Example using the 'search box logic'. For each word that the users set on search box, it will delay by 750 ms to update the logic (in this case, a new request to the database)

const [search, setSearch] = useState<string>("")
const debounceSearchValue = useDebounce(() => search, 750);
const isSearchValid = useMemo<boolean>(
        () =>  search.length > 0,
useEffect(() => {
        if (isSearchValid) {
            // stuffs..
}, [debounceSearchValue]);
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gusyavo profile image

Thanks a lot for your answer. I am new to react hooks, so there is one thing I don't quite understand. Can you debounce a function instead of a value? I need to debounce a function (that makes a request to an API and sets a state with the answer) each time a state (a kind of complex object) changes. I am not sure if that is what the example shows.

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Michael Willian Santos

You are welcome :)
Sure thing you can debounce a function, on the example that I have give you, I have put a value because the state itself isn't a function. But you can use a function, however, this function need to return a value that will be changed (to get debounced)

gabrielecimato profile image
Gabriele Cimato

Great idea to keep all your most used hooks in one place and use them across your projects, well done!

daxsoft profile image
Michael Willian Santos

Thanks :)
And yes, it helps to mantain a clean instance for the projects