My first month with React

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What is this about?

One month ago, at 24/11/2019, I was talking with my client in which road his web application should go. Giving him pointers and asking what he thinks about it. Then I have talked with him about the React and NextJS, telling that for his application it would be the ideal — it's a website about analise of stocks & assets with a community to interact. Then we decided to choose this two frameworks.

However, I never have used this two frameworks before on my life — of course, I have told him about it, that it would be the first time of me using it, he agreed and told me that trust me. Then, I went to battle.

My background with Javascript was pure Javascript + NodeJS (and his several possibilites). Never ever used a framework before xD. But I was not afraid of trying it out, my last two years was pure javascript, so I decided to "take on ship".

First week

It was everything so confuse, I mean, the whole concept of using both 'html' with javascript and so on. I was very lost, then I have did what every developer should do: be friend of the docs of both frameworks and taking a look at several codes on projects over GitHub, trying to understand the concepts and so on.

Second week

I was stuck trying to understand the React Hooks and how to make the 'ui-library' of the Material-UI, works fine with NextJS. Then I went to understand about the 'initialProps' and how works the lifecycle of React and NextJS

Third week

After create some pretty small projects to practice what I have learned, I had the feel that was about time to start the big project with this two frameworks.
Over this week I have created 4 pages, but I will only show up one because the project isn't complete and I cannot show up everything yet.

First Version

Last Week

Well, I think I have enought confidence to go on with the project on both frameworks. Of course, I could have choose to work on my comfort zone, with pure Javascript, however... I know that I'm not coding to myself, it will have a lot of coders on future and I want to make easy for them xD. Then, let's go on...

What I've learned

  • It's fun to get out of your comfort zone
  • Take it as law, at least that your project is just for fun and for yourself, always code thinking that others will look at your code and develop over your lines.
  • At first everything is confuse and it's normal to be. Then, don't take it at your heart, if you are feeling stuck with something, go out for some hang out, running, sport or make stuffs that you enjoy. Then, after it, go back at your project. You will feel that what previous you thought of being a big mountain, hard to fight out, was a little stone on your shoes worths of a good laugh. So go, go laugh of yourself, it will make you more healthly.

Second Version

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