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Thoughts on No-Code?

I recently listened to Sahil Lavingia (@shl) and Ben Tossell (@bentossell) discuss the no-code movement on the IndieHackers podcast (link).

Sahil points out the limitations of no-code tools when approaching scale, but admits they may be right in some situations.

Ben speaks about to the capabilities of no-code and that we are just at the beginning.

What do you think about the no-code movement?

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Rohan Sawant

"No-Code when you know how it works under the hood, you could probably build it yourself if you really tried but now you won't - because you do not want to deal with the hassle or have the time to"

Is the strategy that I use.

dbredvick profile image

I think no-code tools can be useful, but anyone saying "only use no-code" or "only use code" is probably wrong. I think the correct solution lies somewhere in the middle.

I use Zapier for my Mailchimp integration, but I wouldn't build a whole product with Zapier webhooks.

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Jason Barry

Agreed. I think it's useful for building very early prototypes or for communicating value during a demo. I think the people who are pushing no-code so much are the ones who regret not learning to code 10 years ago.

dbredvick profile image

I like the prototype idea a lot. I think no-code is also a useful tool for exposing more people to coding as well.

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Dmitrii Pashutskii

It's probably a good and right development of the web and businesses.
I personally don't use it much, I'm in programming because I think the whole process is fun.
But for business purposes it's the best bootstrap. And I gladly use no-code tools for boring stuff, like landing for example.

dbredvick profile image

I like the idea of using it for landing pages!