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I think your takeaway of "come back later when I have more experience" is great. I've had to do that many many times in my career, where I just could not make sense of a thing until I walked away, let it sink in for [hours|days|weeks] and then came back to it.

Redux was a recent example of this, for me. React made sense to me quickly, but Redux took a little while to sink in, and it took me a few failed attempts before I really figured it out. It's also happened with the Elixir language: I think it's cool, I can do small things with it, but I haven't grasped how to do the bigger stuff yet.

All that said, part of the problem IMO is Angular. Angular is complex, some would say overly so. It's not surprising at all that you ran into some weird hard-to-solve corner case, and that Vue was easier to pick up. I'm not a huge fan of it myself. Anyway, I guess I'm saying: if the thing you're trying to learn makes no sense, it might not be you ;)

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