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Discussion on: A case for productive note taking

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Dawid Cedrych Author • Edited

That's interesting, thanks for sharing! Do you have some screenshots of what the styling looks like? Other than that, this is probably your desktop flow, what about mobile?

Also, do you have use some other categories beside "todo"?

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Nick Cinger

I'll take some later, but you can get an idea here:

Yea, I don't use anything for mobile. I avoid writing notes on mobile, but I sync my notes.txt to Dropbox, and I could edit them on mobile if I wanted to in similar Todo.txt apps.

Categories in my notes includes Todos, but also notes on what other people in my team are doing, since I can "tag" them in the todo.txt format. There's a lot you can do with it.

Do you use something on mobile?

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Dawid Cedrych Author

This approach seems to be good mostly for exisiting todo.txt files, I can hardly imagine starting off this way where there so many todo apps out there.

I use apple notes app on both but this approach provides zero sorting/tagging features. I hate this friction/mess trade-off :)

Still, as I emphasized in my post, I'd like to focus less on typical todos and more on notes revolving around inspiration, thoughts, ideas.