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Discussion on: Stop Using "data" as a Variable Name

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Devin Witherspoon Author

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you appreciated it. I agree with Robert Martin on his points about code communicating intent as much as possible. I wish he focused more on the people behind the code and expressing kindness to each other being as important as getting the code right.

Regarding comments, I personally try to add comments for context that is important and isn't really part of the code - e.g. intended lifespan of the code, maybe even linking to a ticket with an important conversation. For communicating intent - I try to resort to tests as much as possible since they're more inclined to change with the code. I don't consider it a failure to add a comment because it was hubris for me to ever think I didn't need them. I think it's an achievement of self awareness to know where to add proper comments rather than a failure of coding ability.