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Discussion on: Java programmers of DEV, what is your favorite IDE?

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David Daly

For me, I've always preferred Intellij to Eclipse. There is just something about the Eclipse UI that I never fully liked. The functionality of Eclipse is very good, but when you spend so much of your day looking at the same program, it has to be a nice place to be.

This is where IntelliJ comes in for me, with the vast array of themes and customization option for the UI, and also has a lot of nice functionality. As a side point, I love all the other apps from Jetbrains too (PyCharm, WebStorm, etc...) as the same applies to them.

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Prahlad Yeri Author

While what you are saying is true and even I like Intellij interface a lot, I still think eclipse user adoption should increase today even if it is just to maintain the diversity in the IDE ecosystem. Intellij is slowly and steadily becoming the Google of the IDE world as other IDEs like eclipse and netbeans are being shunned aside one by one.