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Discussion on: Ruby has the kindest programming community and I have the data to prove it

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Dean Bassett • Edited

I think Go has the kindest, but that may just be because I'm heavily involved.

Something to consider is that Go is a very minimalist language, and there are a lot of proposals to add features that aren't needed. Go is meant to be a very simple language that will last long-term, and in order to accomplish that, it needs to be very strict on what gets added.

In terms of helpfulness and such, the Go forum and community in general is very kind! It's one of the things that makes the community really fun to be part of. But when proposals come in, which anyone is allowed to submit, people (including me) tend to be very critical towards them in order to make sure we only add features that we really need to add. Thus a lot of proposals get a huge storm of 👎s since a lot of proposals are for "nice to have" features and not "need to have".