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Discussion on: Politeness or Bluntness in Code Review? Settling the Matter Once and for All

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deathshadow60 • Edited

I have become disgusted with how people take criticism over the past few years. It gets worse and worse, to the point that simply saying:

Your site loads painfully slow due to the 100+ separate files causing a lot of handshaking overhead. The over-use of frameworks has resulted in major accessibility failings due to a relative lack of semantics, gibberish use of numbered headings, and a lack of scripting off graceful degradation. These problems are only further exacerbated by the use of fixed metric (px sized) fonts and layout, colour contrasts that fail to meet accessibility norms, and a general mismatch of task complexity rooted in "false simplicity". Many things users would do on your pages are actually harder to do, because you made it look simpler.

(actual post)

Some places -- I call them dens of suck-ups and sycophants -- that's now treated as a ban-worthy post as if I'd used every four letter word in the book mated to Carlin's "Seven Dirty Words". Some will even say "that's not constructive" -- what the bloody blue blazes is "more constructive" than providing a list of everything that's WRONG?!?. What are we supposed to do? Slap the rose coloured glasses on their heads and whisper soothing-syrup words in their ears as they drive off the cliff?

... and why? To maintain the status quo 3i of web development: Ignorance, Incompetence, and Ineptitude.

Mind you, I don't use "ignorant" as an insult. It just means you don't know. It's only when you're told and continue to willfully do things badly that it becomes the other two.

There's this "wah wah, somebuddy usededed teh hursh wurdz" attitude that's flushing this entire industry down the toilet, allowing every two-bit dirtbag scam artists peddle their snake oil, and silencing anyone who dares speak out against it.

How DARE anyone get upset by sleazy scams. How DARE anyone get upset by poseurs not qualified to work with the underlying languages like the know-nothings who created and maintain bootcrap. How DARE anyone make waves, rock the boat, or be "confrontational" over bad practices, nubes being led down the garden path to failure, or any of the dozens of other dishonest bald faced LIES that make up the majority of "new" development practices of the past ten to fifteen years.

No, that might "upset" someone. Heavens to Betsy, nots thatz.

But really that's what this "It's not how you said it" or "if you can't say anything nice" rubbish boils down to, controlling the narrative and forcing a language of control. It's part of the "bandwagon" process of propaganda, and is why those singing the praises of so much of the outright incompetence in this industry follow up quickly with transfer, glittering generalities, plain folks, name calling (and not the crass direct type I just used; But to understand that, you have to recognize that "easier" is name calling....), testimonial, and of course card stacking. That all seven? Yup, all seven propaganda techniques. Learn them, recognize them!

Can't argue the facts, so attack how they were presented whilst screaming "wah wah, is not" like a petulant seven year old. The bread and butter of "modern" discourse. Nothing more than lame excuses to silence anyone who doesn't let themselves be hammered into that round hole.

Though I freely admit the closer I get to the big five-oh, the less and less I give a flying purple fish about what people think about how I say things. My internal censor was killed off twenty years ago, but now I'm just so frustrated with the endless streams of lame excuses for lamer development practices that the kid gloves are off.

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Erik Dietrich Author

Wow... you tell 'em!