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re: I'd like a feedback on my current project. Link - Thanks.

looks great! I like it, very clean. I would suggest that you make it so the task view expands a little wider. Also it would be cool if you add an add button like now, that takes you to another add, and the provide an additional button that lets you go back to the task after submitting (add, add, then view task). Something like that.


Thank you for the kind words and yes, I'll surely implement that functioning soon. Firstly the idea was to have a working project and modifications will be made in the future..

yup! that is what you should do, start and build off of it! Keep it going. looks great. Would you take a look at my site and let me know your thoughts as well?

With pleasure, I'd like to present my answer in bullets,
● You might want to work on the navigation bar ,on mobile the title and the dropdown sign(I don't know what to call it) don't come in the same row . So try to make them come in the same row so that it doesn't feel a little bit off.
● align the inputs for hex and rgb on the center for mobile
● Use bullets when referencing each site so that the look and feel become better.
● On the page chuck Norris ,the button gets behind the heading, you might want to work on it too.
Overall the page is cool and looks good, I loved the about part though, 10/10 for about page, there are so much tools on your website, will use them one day for sure.

Awesome advice, thank you! I agree on those and will apply

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