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You deserve better clients, maybe I can help!

DeChamp on August 17, 2018

The rant! I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that just about everyone in our field, will eventually have a client, that has t... [Read Full]
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Once I said a client, who was not responding for two weeks, that I would charge him $x.xx if he didn't reply me in xx:xx times. He reported it as a threat immediately, and my Upwork account was down the very next day.


I'm sorry to hear that. I am sure that will happen, but if you use a platform you have to keep those things in mind. I haven't ever used a platform, so I was not in risk of having it shutdown. It's sad that people can be spiteful.


When it comes to a platform, things get out of the control. Most of the platforms value investors, clients for us, rather than freelancers. It is always risky. It also hurts freelancer's reputation.


Superior writing!

Love also this one:

Especially the part: "You're a business, not an employee"... cuz most people do freelancing with and contact people as "X person" instead of "Y business" and then nag about the client being an a**hole.


Thank you so much! I appreciate that!


..and not everyone is lucky to have a wife as good as yours =)


I am, and she tells me right away that why I am behaving so bad.

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