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Web Development or App Development? Where to start?

One common question that I have seen my peers ask is whether to start their development journey with Web development or App Development. Beginners in tech are often confused about the right choice to make because there is a wide variety of options and areas to explore.

Web Development and App Development are emerging sectors for developers. Both the fields have their own benefits and complexities and require different skills, different markets and diversified usage. Therefore, there is no model answer to what you should be starting first.

But according to my own experience I would suggest to go for web development first due to the following reasons:

• App development is the fastest leading trend but web development is something that will never disappear. The web is the best platform for acquiring new users and building a brand. Nearly all brands that opt for an app-based approach build a website too in order to market and promote their app.

• Web development is slightly easier to understand and apply than app development and it also lays down a framework which helps in many areas of app development as well like making an API, using different database technologies, working with server and backend etc.

Whichever route you choose, you'll learn something great and there's no better time to kickstart your development journey than now. So, get yourself started now. Good luck!

Be curious, Be Innovative and Keep Learning!

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