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re: How to fix: "locale.Error: unsupported locale setting" on pip install VIEW POST

re: why it need to assign "C" ? can we assign anything else?

You generally run LC_ALL=C to avoid user's settings to interfere with your script. The C locale is for computers and in the C locale, characters are single bytes, the charset is ASCII, the sorting order is based on byte values, the language is usually US English.
For example, if you want [a-z] to match the 26 ASCII characters from a to z, you have to set LC_ALL=C

Suppose if you set LC_ALL as es_ES which is European Spanish, it forces the application to use default language for output

$ LC_ALL=es_ES man
¿Qué página de manual desea?

when it is set to C it looks like following:

$ LC_ALL=C man
What manual page do you want?

I hope this helps!


well explained.. it overrides all the other localisation settings.

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