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Discussion on: Debate: Symfony VS Laravel

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Jeremy Jacob Anderson

I'm glad you have your opinion, the cool thing is that opinions are easier to change than your shoes. Here are three things in your opinion that I disagree with.

1) Laravel is not like WordPress - Laravel is a framework, WordPress is a CMS
2) WordPress and Laravel are not popular due to their "fanciness" - fanciness is not defined or implicitly meaningful.
3) Laravel is built on Symfony components - what makes you think it isn't battle tested or "serious?" This disproves itself. If "serious" projects are built with Symfony, and Laravel is built on Symfony by your stated logic Laravel should be assumed to be equally "serious" as Symfony.

Additionally, WordPress and Laravel became popular a decade apart, and the reasons for their popularity are completely distinct from one another, ten long years worth of distinction.

I could go on, but I won't. I will, however, apologize if my tone offends you. I can be insensitive in presenting my dissent, but I do mean to help us all to better understanding. There's a lot of superstition floating around and it makes me touchy.

The choice does not lie in which is a perfect solution for every case, but which are sufficient and in what specific ways for a specific case. WordPress is the right choice for some cases, as much as it pains me to say so. Laravel is a cult, but it is a cult I love. It is useful for many use cases I personally encounter. Real companies make real money with it, large public nonprofits educate children with it I'm not sure what's not "serious" nor what is so "fancy" about that. I also don't know why "fancy" was used pejoratively in your post, and I'm happy with never knowing. Best of luck learning about the wild world of web stuff, there's a lot to know.

[Edited to be slightly nicer, 1 day later.]

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Mukul Mishra Author

You explained nicely 👌

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Dan Tighe

Thank you for not going on Jeremy. Clearly we've been shown the light. How long and hard did you think you that post? I'm just curious

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Jeremy Jacob Anderson

I probably spent twenty or thirty minutes on it.