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re: Always a beginner: Jumping from one programming language to another VIEW POST

re: There is still hope! I just got back from a company where the CTO wants everyone to be generalists. It sounded like an amazing DEV're...

That's awesome. There's only a select few that adopt such culture. Big companies usually adhere to strict processes and rules that leave little room for growth, creativity, and inspiration.

You're in great company and culture.

I can still do my best on both, but it won't be easy. I guess I will focus on one for now, then eventually let C# go and focus on React Native next year. Since I want to get out of the rat race and build something of my own, React Native is the way to go, I believe. It's easier to build products with react, and therefore, making it easier to validate to customers.

Our discourse has been insightful. I'm loving and the community it has. Everyone is supportive, professional, and respectful. :)

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