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re: I find the Jeffersonian outlook comforting at times. (He believed that America should be comprised of individualist and independent yeoman farmers....

I don't think appealing to the market's lottery-like system is so much more realistic and stable for most people.

It isn't. :(

If everyone said, "F this, rolling my own." we'd have too many chiefs, not enough indians. Is that analogy even PC anymore? Anyway, every ecosystem in every industry would look like JavaScript, and we most definitely can't have that.

the reality on the ground is that working for corporations is the way to make money in software

This reminds me of Pandora's Box. A corporation isn't what it used to be, but, now that it is what it is, there's no going back. That's... unfortunate, even if someone can say, "But look at how many jobs Acme made!" ... kinda like Wal-Mart.

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