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Did your parents said anything about your actions? (Haven't graduated college, started working at 16, etc.). I'm in the same boat, though I've started working at 18, and there were a lot of heated discussions with my parents about not graduating college, etc.


Hey bro,

Yes of course, especially for our parents, this is a very sensitive topic. But I was able to talk them into it by providing them with the facts, and i also eased them into it instead of just laying it on them.

Here's what I would do, gather the facts, here are some things they will definitely want answered.

a. Finance - A major factor is that they might be thinking oh, how much will you make? will you be able to live a comfortable life? Fortunately for me, my first job paid really really well. For my living standards at the time, i showed them how much i make a month, and the opportunity for growth in this area.

b. Longevity and continuity. - Will it be sustainable in the long run. I showed them all the other success stories of freelancers who worked their entire careers online. Also before i even came at them with the idea, i was already working for 6 months before deciding to stop college. Note, i did take my first year college but i dropped out to pursue work.

c. Contingency - what happens if it doesn't work out? I laid it out for them. "Give me a year to show you this is worth it, if not ill give up and go back to college.".

The thing is, it would be pointless to force you into getting a college education, if you dont have the drive for it. Im not saying college is meaningless, but for me, I was able to learn almost everything on my own, I was hungry to learn but college was not the best avenue for me.

Overall, it wont help to get into heated discussions, I would talk this out rationally. I come from a very family-oriented culture, and fortunately enough for me after we discussed it thoroughly, i got their blessing.

Im sure if you are able to convey the message and make them understand that there is an opportunity up for grabs, they will see it from your perspective as well.

Goodluck I hope you get them to understand.

Update me on this im very curious to find out what happens with you. have an amazing day :)

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