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There used to be Codeivate--an app that would measure keystrokes over time with a text editor (sublime text, text wrangler, atom) plugin.

You might want to give 👀

I think there are definitely some wizards out there who can shred on a keyboard and have great code, but from my encounters they usually are over 50 and have beards that usually choose python as their weapon of choice 😜.

But I don't think to be a "real" dev you gotta be fast. And to answer your question of does it matter, I think the context "matters". Some interviews have timed coding challenges so in that sense I can see how it does. Or if you have a micromanaging boss, than perhaps maybe looking productive versus actually being productive matters.


I think we will all definitely get to the point where we're shredding on a keyboard lol, but ive always thought quality cant be rushed, so i take my time.

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