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Discussion on: You're not worth hiring unless...

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Derek Anderson • Edited on

Thinking and code organization are way more important than actual code sills. We can teach a languages, syntax, patterns, and business domain. I'm also okay with ok/problematic code as long as it's organized and reasonably documented so it can be expanded or supported and that you can learn to better.

On a side note, employers who ask people with skills and very specific experiences they are ironically asking for exact people they probably don't want. They are asking for the ..."already been there" and "done that" employee/contractor.

Most skilled developers worth their soul don't want to "do it again", they want to expand their skills and apply what they've learned to something new.

Personally, when I hear this, I see a desperate company that is probably behind schedule and overworking their employees. I'll double my rate/salary every time. I figure its a premium to think your going to get someone 100% productive on week 1, deal with your pressure, and probably perform a job I don't want.

...yeah, I'm on a rant!