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re: To be a software engineer or developer, do you still need a degree? VIEW POST


I don't*

*But no one has created a better way to get the theoretical part of CS that you will eventually want in your career. It might not be today or tomorrow... but someday you're going to want to be able to parse through an academic paper on something you need for your day job. Sooner then that you are going to need to know how to estimate the runtime complexity of functions you are writing and determine the correct data structure for the problem you are working.

You can get all of that information outside of a university. But you will get it faster, more concisely and in an environment with more support then you will find trying to learn it on your own. And most bootcamps don't touch those topics.

I didn't get a degree in CS when I was in college... I wish I had, and plan to go back in the future to do that.

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