re: Developers turn more than pizza and coffee into code, what do you consume to code VIEW POST

re: Just did some googling, looks VERY promising actually.

I just reuse my old Kevita bottles, add cold water and a tea bag, cap it, stick it in the fridge, leave it overnight, and drink it the next day. It's not gourmet by any means, but it's easy and tastes great on a hot day.

Ugh. Tea bags.

Eh, well, you've got to go with what's available, so it's tea bags or nothing for me. Well, unless I get confirmation on some of the native plants that started creeping into the yard - I may have a ton of sage tea one of these days.

And hipster mode? I mentioned brewing it in a Kevita bottle, so I think we've got that covered. It's all good.

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