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Discussion on: Do FreeCodeCamp Certifications Hold Weight?

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Daniel Tinsley

No education is useless, so I'm not sure why you would claim that online courses are useless, especially since many are the same college classes that people who go to those schools also do. The only difference is one doesn't get college credit for doing them. Even the online courses that aren't given by actual colleges aren't bad. True, there are some mediocre ones out there, but many are extremely well done, such as on Udacity and Udemy. Improving oneself by learning is never a bad thing no matter how it's done. Also, I wouldn't call the CompTIA Certifications as useless, since many companies won't hire someone unless they have one, such as the A+, Network+, or Security+. They're entry-level certifications that are expected of many IT professionals these days. Lastly, I'm not sure if you're talking about every Penetration Testing certification, but many of them are highly respected, such as the OSCP and those given by SANS. Even the CEH is starting to gain respect. The CISSP is also held in high regard, although that certification isn't a Pen Testing cert.