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Mohamed El Bahja
Mohamed El Bahja

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Build Cross-Platform Desktop Apps using Golang and Javascript!

Hello Devs,

Once upon a time I wanted to create a simple desktop app for my personal use, after searching Github I didn't find something similar to electron for Go, so I created one and I called Guark.

Guark is an electron alternative for GO developers, with it you can develop GO desktop apps, and taking advantage of modern front end frameworks like Vue.js and React.js to create amazing user interfaces.

Github Repo:

Your feedback is very appreciated.

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I don't like Electron Js for desktop apps. C- family is best for desktop software. What about Guark.

bashbunni profile image

Ouuu this looks promising! I'll have to try it out

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Alin Climente

Nice 🙂

I did a smaller implementation where I take advantage of browser's app mode flags here:

With this you can use same code for desktop and web app.