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I haven't written any unit tests for Web APIs yet but here's my take on TDD:

In my part, I don't recommend writing unit tests for every class. Only for classes that changes behavior based on various arguments and conditions.

Writing unit tests helps me in various ways:

  1. It validates my understanding of the requirement. There's a tendency for us developers to jump right into coding without fully grasping the requirement. Writing unit tests forces us to think and ask questions even before the actual coding. Which eventually saves us more time than rewriting code from previous assumptions.

  2. It helps me make design decisions. That is, if a class is hard to test, it may still be broken down into smaller testable classes. Therefore, enforcing SRP (Single Responsibility Principle)

  3. Acts as harness after refactoring and bug fixing. Tests should still be green after code changes. It's a quality layer that signals me that I didn't break anything.

  4. Like @JeffD said, also a documentation. I've written and deleted a lot of unit tests. Requirements may or may not change in the future. You don't know when or if it will but for this time that it's true, its better to write unit tests than to write none in anticipation that it will just be deleted or changed in the future.

Hopefully, these insights helped you.


You're probably right.

I often read unit tests of libraries I used to understand them, but on the other hand I don't write libraries myself. They feel like they would lend themselves rather well to unit-testing, like APIs and such. UIs feel different somehow.

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