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re: I hired developers for my customers. Some people are fit as programming, others don't. YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING Yes until you reach the technica...

I've gone to reply to your comment about 10 times, but couldn't quite find a diplomatic way of saying you're full of shit. So here comes the non-diplomatic response.

I truly hope you are not a mentor.

Most developers are mediocre and they will be forever, they don't love to program, they don't put passion on it and they only want a salary, and they are not good at it.

This sort of attitude is disgusting. Anybody can make it as a programmer, with the right dedication and mentorship.

Telling people they don't have it in them, or will never be more than mediocre, is probably why they lose the passion.

Maybe you should try nurturing them and helping them become a better developer.


You are the owner of a business so you must know that. Please remember me when you will fire somebody that it's underperforming. :-)

Now, if you hire somebody that it's underperforming or he or she doesn't fit with the job, then the hiring process requires a fine-tune.

I'm not saying people don't underperform, but you effectively said some people just can't be good at programming whatever they do.

Which is wrong.

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