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re: Congratulations about your daughter! I think it is awesome that you want to support your daughter if she wants to enter the industry. That is a gre...

Thank you for your message and congratulations!

but for me, I don't get much or any support from my family about being in tech. My family particularly likes to put down the accomplishments I've made as a developer since many of these accomplishments aren't paid so in their eyes they don't count as well as saying negative things to get me to give up.

I'm sorry you have to go through this, but never give up if it's something you enjoy. Besides, Software Engineering is the 7th highest paying job in the US (source), so make sure you tell them that if they care about the money aspect 😄

So if your daughter does decide to enter the industry, be her biggest cheerleader by celebrating her accomplishments she does have and just nurturing any love she does have for coding.

I'll be her biggest cheerleader no matter what she wants to do. I don't need her to follow in my footsteps, I just want her to be happy.

Depending on her age when she gets interested in coding, you can use different resources to nurture that interest

Thank you for those resources, I'll definitely make a note of them for when she's older/if she's interested in coding!

The industry can encourage more female coders by promoting more women in tech doing awesome things and sharing stories of other female coders. I also believe mentoring is super important for encouraging female coders and helps them throughout their coding journeys.

I run a small platform (CodeTips) to try and help those new into the industry, or those that need support/mentoring. I've not specifically targeted female coders, but is there anything else I can do on the site to encourage more females?


That's great you'll be your daughter's biggest cheerleader no matter what she did. That is in the end what matters the most since the messages sent to girls can be pretty toxic. I saw a video on Russell Howard's channel about toys for girls are and the impact these messages have on girls. He particularly does this with the laptop examples. You can watch the video on Russell Howard's channel but it just shows how important it is for girls to hear messages that tell them to create, build and do awesome things no matter what they want to do.

As for CodeTips, definitely feature more content from female coders. Especially with the authors. You can do interviews with female coders or allow female coders to write a post teaching something coding related. Perhaps reaching out to other female developers or software engineers asking them to create content. You can do this very easily on Twitter. You can also do something for International Woman's Day and highlight women in the programming or do a celebration similar to what The Practical Dev does for #shecoded. #shecoded doesn't just encourage female developers to write posts but they will promote those posts the entire day.

Those are some of the suggestions you can start with. I just took a look at your site and that's some of the things I've noticed. Hope this feedback helps.

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