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Discussion on: Cleaning your room instead of doing your homework

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Ka Wai Cheung

I do this all the time, where "cleaning my room" usually means some form of cleaning up code -
refactoring, DRY-ing up, renaming, or even a minor or slightly-major architectural adjustment that I've stumbled upon on the normal path of work. It sometimes also means writing up a post because I just thought of or discovered an interesting thing I want to share in the moment.

The unfortunate reality is I don't think most companies explicitly allow "clean your room" time (especially those that don't see the future value of such diversions). But, I think this is essential to keeping your mind fresh and engaged. I feel more energetic having worked a 60 hour week because I went on 30 hours of passion-filled diversions than had I just stuck to the 30 hours of priority work.