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re: My company's job postings include the requirement of being proficient in any major framework. (React, Angular, Vue) even though we use Angular prim...

As long as that intent is clearly communicated in your postings. Otherwise, I feel like I still want to see specifics of what I'd actually be asked to use. It helps juniors decide where to specialize, and it gives established folks the flexibility to be more picky. If the company was awesome, I'd be willing to go for it if I didn't know a particular framework. I'd like the opportunity to address that in my cover letter and in my early conversations.

EDIT: A short anecdote... Last year, we interviewed two people for one position. One person had a veritable 💩-storm of keywords in their resume. The second person had a more focused resume. The boss ended up hiring the first person because they theoretically ticked more boxes. The resulting 💩-storm caught the boss completely off guard.

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