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Discussion on: How large is Flutter vs React Native community in 2021

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Conclusion Overview:
You can add a third column with the winner for each category and then at the end say the one with more + points
You can also address the dilemma in a more "developer" way (mindset) and say the plus and minus points of the two platforms and why choose that platform (for both).
Then you can maybe relate the two thoughts (social and programming) and make a conclusion with a little prediction.

Otherwise thank you very much for the article, it's really well done, you have my like!

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Martin Jablečník Author

Hello, thank you very much for your comment :)
1) Yes third column is a good idea I try add it there.. :)
2) I think that for this "developer dilema" what to choose is created a lot of other various articles. This is focused only to map how large is Flutter vs React Native community right now in this year.
3) Conclusion with a little prediction is interesting idea I will think about it if I will add it there. I thought that reader can make own opinion from this data overview because the result is clearly visible I think. :)

Thank you again for you comment and I am very pleasure for your like ;) :)