Changelog: Tweet Suggestions and other tools for authors

Peter Kim Frank on May 13, 2019

DEV authors now have new ways to manage and share their posts. From both the dashboard and individual post pages, you’ll see a new Manage button. ... [Read Full]
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Looks great! I love this feature. It feels like a cool bonus whenever one of my articles gets shared on Twitter by y'all.

I like to design my cover image for DEV first -- but the format is wider than Twitter card images. This sometimes means that the text in my DEV cover image will get cut off on Twitter. To help with this, I've been using Twitter's card validator.

I've mostly solved this issue by designing my cover images to have the content in the middle with a blank color on either side.


Thanks team! I love the 'suggest a tweet' feature and have seen my posts pop up in the shiny new Database Dev account. These are great new features :)

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