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Top 5 DEV Comments from the Past Week

This is a weekly roundup of awesome DEV comments that you may have missed. You are welcome and encouraged to boost posts and comments yourself using the #bestofdev tag.

Fair enough, @steelwolf180!

What do you hate most about being a developer?

Giving estimates even if you don't know how long it will take.

Great web development advice, @merichard123!

I would say learn what ever interests you, as long as you are happy with your stack.

If you come across something that looks fun try it. For example I am quite happy building rest APIs but recently I came to find that GraphQl is pretty neat so I would like to give that a go.

Your listed projects are cool and demonstrate your skills well however they are problems that have been solved before.

Try to build some passion projects something which solves a problem specific to you, this is what will make you stand out in employers eyes.

For example I own a tortoise and think they are really awesome animals hence I made a site which shows you all the different types of turtles and tortoise, because I felt like this info was lacking online.

Look at what you enjoy what could help you or what software would help others around you.

Good Luck and most importantly have fun

Well said, @ellativity. If you haven't seen @nocnica's post about how to be kinder to trans people, do check it out!

This is such a helpful list for everyone! I love how you have found 9 of the easiest things that we can all do, even if we're already feeling stressed, busy, or otherwise put-upon.

It's especially relevant to our community of devs, who are increasingly working with diverse, international colleagues. Some of us don't come from cultures where these conversations take place openly, so it's posts like these in spaces like DEV that allow us to engage and learn - and grow professionally as well as personally.

Thanks, Nica, for taking the time to share your experiences so we can all benefit and be better coworkers, collaborators, and friends.

A big welcome to @choryfdieg and everyone else that joined DEV this past week 🌈

Hello everyone, I'm Diego Garcia. I live in Colombia. I am a full stack developer and I really love JavaScript. Currently I use React.js and Node.js in my projects and I'm enjoying that so much.
I hope to have a good time here learning and maybe working together.

See you,

As a non-dev, @lornasw93, this is something I really try to avoid myself. I can definitely see how it would be beyond frustrating to hear.

Being told “It’s just a quick fix”, “will be easy” or “shouldn’t take you long” from a non-dev about a dev task

See you next week for more great comments ✌

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Thanks for lending your voices to these conversations on DEV, @steelwolf180 , @merichard123 , @ellativity , @choryfdieg , and @@lornasw93 !

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I dream to be in this top 10.
Maybe a day I will be, maybe with this comment? Who knows...

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Thanks for the props, @graciegregory ! I got a badge, yay!

I do need to add, my comment is just one of many over on @nocnica 's post, so if you're interested in #diversity or how we can better support #trans and #lgbtq people in tech, you might want to check out the discussion happening over there - as well as #SheCoded 2021!

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Thank you so much!! I'm glad I can support fellow developers over here on

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Max Ong Zong Bao

Thanks a lot I appreciate it. I'm quite surprised that i had even gotten to the top 5 comments of the week.