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Thanks for CodePen and CSS Tricks. You're awesome! I'm a big fan of yours. I've always wondered how you do it all - from the picture - looks like you don't sleep much ;)

My question:

I've been doing back end / full stack for the past "who knows how long" - even though I really love the front end and pretty much spend most of my "personal project" time doing stuff with JavaScript, React CSS, SVGs etc. I do this for fear that I'll be stuck being the "designer" and then take a pay cut. I feel like for interesting front end work maybe you need to actually be in San Francisco or New York or the like.

For example: my team has many who sometimes work on back end and sometimes on the front end - but I think there's only one person works solely front end (I have no idea how much she's making - but she does good work - and a lot of it - so she's probably underpaid).

Am I crazy? Am I wrong? Am I just a masochist?

Please advise.


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