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I am sure it would require more than some acquisition in the background to push people away from GitHub. The community is too big for their members to give it up just because they don't like Microsoft. As long as Microsoft doesn't make decisions for GitHub like SourceForge did for SourceForge, people will stay there.


I am hoping that they have learned from the experience with CodePlex.

What I am worried about is how MS can have two separate services (GitHub & VSTS) that are essentially the same.

Someone in AspNetCore slack has mentioned that MS can keep GitHub as the Open Source platform while keeping VSTS as the enterprise closed source projects.

But it doesn't sound so feasible as GitHub already has a paid subscription.


It is likely that they will merge the products and either sell VSTS as a successor of GitHub Enterprise or they sell the merged product under two labels.

To lever the open source GitHub community for more involvement into their own open sourced technology hosted on GitHub and thereby recruiting open source developers for their technology would be the reason why they would keep the GitHub community alive.

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