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"Use everything as administrator" ? Laravel Homestead will never be available for ISO 27001-certified environments. 😄


I don't think being in an ISO 27001 certified environment automatically prevents you from using your IDE on your own local machine as an administrator, as long as your machine is properly secured and being admin doesn't allow you to access sensitive information ? I'm not sure to be honest as I've never been involved in the certification process.

But yeah, this is what I use and may not be a good fit for every situation. If you need something that works without admin privileges you can either use homestead without SMB (which might be a bit slower), or find another solution : If your employer can pay for the ISO 27001 certification they can probably pay for a VMWare license, WSL2 is just around the corner and looks pretty promising, or you could just forego virtualization completely and use Laragon or something.

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