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  • Supports Docker containers, SSH, or virtual machines
  • Easy to configure YAML
  • Can self-host a runner while also providing a free shared runner for smaller projects
  • Can be used for non-Gitlab projects
  • Config is tracked in the repo
  • Files can be cached between runs based on a dynamic key
  • Jobs can be tested locally before committing the config
  • Can run jobs based on the branch or tag pushed
  • Job can be scheduled to run on a regular basis
  • Provides artifact storage (As far as I know Bitbucket doesn't)

Very cool, we just got Gitlab Enterprise at work (after sitting on Gitlab 6 for years) and I am excited to try the CI stuff out.


Do you mean "...sitting on Github"? 'Cause CI access is included even in the free GitLab packages.

Hmm, yeah our local Gitlab instance only has the Git part available as far as I can tell.

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