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Discussion on: Explain Scrum Like I'm Five

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Robert's father is sick. He was a poor man until late but recently he has some money to take care of things. They were too poor to afford any beds or furniture at home. But laying down on the cold floor is too much for the old man. He went to the carpenter to make a new bed. Robert wants the bed in 2 weeks but he also has some custom requirements. He wants a post like thing on which he can hang the drip/medicine. He wants a small retractable tray on which his father can keep the plates which he used to eat and a few other such requirements.
Carpenter tells him that it is impossible to get him such a bed in 2 weeks as he needs to build it from scratch.
But carpenter comes up with a solution. His father does not need facilities like the food plate tray immediately. The need of the hour is to avoid lying on the cold floor. So carpenter promises to deliver the board on which the legs will be later attached, in 2 weeks. Robert got the board in 2 weeks as promised and in the next 2 weeks, the carpenter worked on the legs. He completed them and attached it to tje board he delivered previously. Eventhough the legs were done later, carpenter did leave the provisions to attach the legs as he had the plan inhis mind. In this way, he slowly added features to the bed to give Robert the kind of furniture he had asked for without making his dad lie on the floor for too long. This is scrum/agile development. ๐Ÿ˜‚
If the carpenter asked for 8 months to deliver the bed and his dad used to suffer the cold floor amd insects, that is waterfall.
Hope I wasn't too lame... ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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Nina Rallies

This is the saddest story and now I cannot hear โ€œagileโ€ and not think of a poor family :-/
Previously Agile(scrum) would always remind me of us in the room with cookies and our funny board with lots of colors and user stories and also my team members leaving chocolate on it for me :-/

Why couldnโ€™t you come up with a less sad story, and howโ€™d those smilies fit in with this devastating story :-)))))) enough internet for today!