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Discussion on: Move Android Studio Virtual Devices to Another Hard Drive on a Mac

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Yo!! Can you make a video demonstrating this. I don't understand this "/Users/[YOUR_USER_NAME]/.android_studio_env_vars". I can't create a folder like this.

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Thor Galle

/Users/[YOUR_USER_NAME] is the macOS home directory of your currently logged in user. You don't need to create it, it already exists!

You need to create the hidden text file .android_studio_env_vars within your home directory. You can find your home folder with a bunch of tutorials on the internet (like this one). To create the text file, you could:

  1. Open TextEdit
  2. Press Command+Shift+T to switch to plain text mode
  3. Copy-paste the example, and change it as needed.
  4. Save the file with the name .android_studio_env_vars to your home folder.