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I'm pretty early into my career as a developer. I'm also pretty ambitious in my independent learning and my ideas for improving the application I work in.

Many of my experiments are beneficial. Others are interesting. Some are authentically bad, but I learn from them. Occasionally I push new ideas that, at first inspection from my coworkers, pass muster and make it into production before manifesting issues. Usually these issues are minor. Once or twice they are more significant.

We have decent test coverage, a fairly regimented pull request review, and qa process. If I, or a coworker, commit some bad code we identify a failure in the process and discuss it.

The idea of being penalized monitarily, or shamed publicly, or being subject to any punishment or retribution for making mistakes in good faith is so unacceptable to me that I can't even imagine my reaction.

Is this a real thing that people do?


This industry pays too well for anyone to accept a job where a person is treated like that. I gotta ask the theoretical strawman developer who gets admonished for trying and failing, where your dignity at?

Yes, It's exactly why I have my doubts. It's not an error free profession.

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