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2019 too was an eventful year for me. Below is what I did during 2019

  • Updated my JS skills a bit and learned ES6.
  • Released a Shopify App with Node.js-Vue.js stack.
  • I started focussing more on Business aspects and strategy planning.
  • Was a part of Panel Discussion at a conference.
  • Did a WPCS audit of all my WordPress plugins and made necessary changes.
  • Released a new plugin for WordPress.
  • Joined Dev.to (just joined, haven't been able to publish anything yet :p)
  • Created my personal site.
  • Traveled a lot and explored many new places.
  • Met a lot of people whom had just interacted over emails or on Twitter.

Congrats @Dhruvin, quite a good year indeed. Looking forward to 2020 being the year on your first dev.to post!

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