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Discussion on: Why and how you should migrate from Visual Studio Code to VSCodium

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I just don't get it.
What do you think my legal team missed and that you didn't.??? Is my legal misleading me?
My legal says articles like this are just unnecessary techno panic!!!? Are they misleading me? Please advise?

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Mr F. Author

For your legal team in Bangalore.

MIT is one of the most permissive free software licenses. Basically, you can do whatever you want with a software licensed under the MIT license - just make sure that you add a copy of the original MIT license and copyright notice to it.

The BSD license is another highly permissible license that allows you to modify and redistribute software licensed under the BSD license as you like just as long as you attach a copy of the original BSD License to it.

The MIT and BSD licenses, both, don’t require you to release the source code of your software, nor do they have any conditions about mixing the code licensed under them with codes released under other licenses.

However, in the case of the Microsoft Public License, if you do choose to release the source code of your product, you can do so only under the Microsoft Public License.

What is the difference between the Microsoft Public License and the MIT/BSD licenses?