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Discussion on: Why developers are SO sh*t at estimating!

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Sean Patterson

We take this approach too, but also add another batch of time for iterations. How many times does the mock-up not do justice to the task or a fringe case wasn't caught in the original API design? Those things we take into account for as well when we estimate.

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Jaime López

I learned that estimations are a value we said based on experience, calculus or any other technique we used. So, if a customer requires an API implementation for their business logic, we will estimate the implementation of a number of services and their complexity, let's say 5 services with medium complexity, and not the final solution - a description of what each of these 5 services will do like a black and white box. In the assumptions section (or any other place), we will define what means "medium complexity" so fringe cases will be considered out of the scope of the current project and we should include a note telling need an assessment to give a proper estimation for that issue, problem, requirement or system.

We, as estimators (that exists?), need to limit what we are estimating and considering. We cannot give the final solution in the estimation so we are not able to include fringe cases if we don't study them.