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re: I'm dubious about tips relating to decreasing the transfer size for CSS assets. They're loaded once, and cached. Or they're served from a CDN. Onc...

You are wrong, compressing the CSS speed up the website quite a lot.
After caching the website is fast but big BUT the first load it's most important the first load is the load that make sales, make great user experience etc...

Slowly 2019 is coming to end, every again every website should load critical CSS per URL and load the rest 99% of the CSS after the page as non render blocking.

Me as SEO Manager, I can't hire someone to optimize CSS if the developer don't know what critical CSS is and how to do it.

It was hard to find a developer who know how to do technical SEO optimization per instruction so if the website is WordPress I'm doing it myself but can't do it at custom coded website. Please educate yourself for SEOs needs because nearly every website is searching for SEO services.

Every one will ask you as developer to optimize the website as speed is ranking factor now.

We can extend further this conversation with examples and I can show you the difference white space is doing or speaking about discarding invalid CSS properties other than CSS 3.

Let's extend this conversation I might be able to find someone reliable that I can hire in the future.

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