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re: communication between components in Vue VIEW POST


Note that the "sibling to sibling communication" you stated in the article is actually a global event bus which is a simple way of getting unrelated sections of your application to talk to each other. However, it is also considered an anti-pattern if not used correctly and it's really hard to maintain a medium-large codebase using exclusively this architecture. My recommendation would be: adopt vuex for everything as a default, and fall back to a global event bus if you think vuex becomes a substantial overhead in simple apps. I would only use a global event bus for events that don't necessarily mutate state or application data but only in rare cases/scenarios.
While it seems easier to set up and integrate a global event bus for "communicating between distant components", you will inevitably regret it once your app has achieved a certain size and level of complexity, especially once you need to refactor some of your views.

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