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re: #react -,- You literally didnt use this word once in the whole article.

Hi Pawel, ES6 is broadly used by React developers. For understanding the basics, you don't need any framework or library.

Considering the hashtag #react, It's better to reach to right users.

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Following this train of thought you could also add #vscode #computers #air because those are also things that are broadly used by developers.


Hi Deepak, for the awesome article.
I will refer this article to my coworker who's starting to learn React. 🙂

And may I request to add a syntax highlight?
You can refer to the Editor Guide for more info.

I agree with @pavelloz that this article is a general #javascript article, and #react could let readers think these ES6 features as a part of React.

Thanks, Sung, I am glad you liked it!

Sure, I will take care of the syntax highlight. Thanks for your suggestion!

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